Why Stay-At-Home Parents Should Have Life Insurance

Life insurance premiums aren’t exactly fun to pay. It’s something you never expect to use, which can make it difficult to keep the benefits of having it at the forefront of your mind. Yet, it’s a critical component of any healthy financial plan. It provides a safeguard for lost earning potential in the tragic event should the insured pass away unexpectedly. Often overlooked is the importance of protecting a stay-at-home parent with his or her own policy. This can be a big mistake. 


6 Tips for New and Expecting Parents

Ask any parent and they will gladly confirm without hesitation -- kids change everything.

Becoming a parent is an immense blessing that changes our view of the world, our capacity to love, and our priorities. No doubt, having kids can therefore drastically change our finances. Adjusting to the new norms and overall financial impact of raising a child can be a challenge. These 6 financial tips can be a helpful guide to any couple who is preparing for or has recently become a new parent.


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